29 Gifts

29 Gifts
How a Month of Giving
Can Change Your Life

Cami Walker

ISBN 13: 9780738214306

29 Gifts

How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life

Cami Walker



For Discussion

1. What is your first impression of Cami when we meet her in the prologue? Does it change by the end of the book, and if so, how?

2. Do you think that Mbali’s admonition to Cami to “stop thinking about yourself” is fair, considering Cami’s condition?

3. Is Mbali’s suggestion to lift Cami out of her “black hole” by giving away 29 gifts in 29 days one that you think would work in your own life if you were confronted with similar circumstances?

4. Is there someone in your life like Dr. Kim who has changed your perception of the world and your place in it? In what ways?

5. Mbali tells Cami, “When you are overgiving, you are not living in abundance, but in scarcity. . . . When you give from a place of service, honesty, and fullness, you are left feeling revitalized.” (p.46) Do you agree with Mbali, and if so, why?

6. What role does meditation play in Cami’s life, and in what ways does it help her address feelings of distress in her life?

7. On page 142, Cami writes, “One of the profound changes I’ve seen for myself since I began giving is that I now feel comfortable counting every gift I mindfully offer to another person. I no longer feel pressure to make a grand gesture for it to count.” Do you feel you’re always mindful of your intention in giving someone a gift?

8. Of all the gifts that Cami gives in her first 29 days, is there one that resonates more for you than another? Which one and why?

9. Is there a story from the 29 Gifts community at the conclusion of the book that touches you more than another?

10.If you were to start the 29 Gifts program today, who would be the first person on your list to receive a gift, and why? What would you like to give that person?


About the Author

Cami Walker, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, founded the online 29-Day Giving Challenge two years later. Today 29 Gifts is a worldwide goodwill movement that has changed thousands of lives.

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